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Performance Reviews Help Create Great Employees
By Phillip M. Perry

You want the most bang for your buck when you invest money in your business. If you buy a computer or truck, for example, you select a top quality machine and maintain it for peak performance.

Don’t you want the same results with your employees? After you hire quality people, you want to make sure they keep working in ways that boost your bottom line.

People, though, are not machines. You can’t oil them or replace their defective parts or upgrade their memories. So just how can you keep them in great shape?

The answer lies in periodic evaluations. Performance reviews are maintenance programs that keep your employees running in top condition.

“Good reviews assess how well your employees are performing in the competencies most important to your organization,” says Lisa Bianco, president of EchoSpan, an Atlanta-based performance consulting firm.

This seminar will show you how to design and implement evaluations that get the job done – by inspiring your employees to become great performers.

Small Employers Benefit From Performance Reviews
Suppose your business has only one or two employees. Does that mean you don’t need to conduct performance reviews? Far from it.

Review Employee Performance Regularly
Mention performance review, and most of us think of a dreary annual meeting where a supervisor browbeats an employee thinking about a pay raise. Effective evaluations, though, are far different.

Conduct Honest Reviews
No one likes confrontation. Little wonder, then, that supervisors often soft pedal negative performance reviews.

Focus On Specifics
Profitable businesses rate employees against performance parameters which are measurable.

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