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Total Organics Recycling has created a new website highlighting their customers in an “Eco Hall of Fame” of sorts, showcasing local area businesses committed to collection of food waste which will be utilized and repurposed into compost instead of entering landfills we should enter organic recycling.

At this time, TOR has focused on showcasing patrons which utilize their service for weekly or bi-weekly food waste collection and hopes to build on this showcase featuring case studies and details on St. Louis metro area food-waste diversion initiatives.

Food waste diversion is currently mandated by many state and local governments on the coasts, while the Midwest has limited formal mandates in place. While municipalities feature many yard-waste diversion programs, food-waste is a rapidly growing initiative in the middle of the country. Total Organics Recycling hopes to bring more attention to this important cause and currently helps area schools, hospitals, food manufacturers, and restaurants fulfill zero-waste initiatives they have voluntarily put in place. While their current efforts focus on commercial food-waste only, it is planned to expand services to the area’s residential communities through local government programs and partnerships with area waste haulers and enter organic recycling.

It is everyone’s hope that as these environmental call-to-actions grow, the public’s attention will create sustainable and beneficial food waste diversion as a common practice to the area. The practice of food-waste diversion not only keeps food out of our landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but brings these materials full circle, processing the food-waste into beneficial compost. This compost can be utilized to amend area soils, helping to grow more food, and provide increased soil health to our area gardens.

Founded in 2014, Total Organics Recycling is locally owned and a leader in commercial organics recycling in the St. Louis metropolitan area. TOR hauls and recycles over 300 tons of organic waste each week from local businesses, restaurants, schools, entertainment venues, and organizations. TOR provides food-waste education, collection services, and compost processing through their eco partner, St. Louis Composting.

Commercial programs for food-waste pick-up are fully customizable and can be tailored to any business schedule and budget. Interested customers can contact Rachel Greathouse, Sustainability Coordinator at Total Organics Recycling, with questions and service inquiries at 636-825-6206.

Media inquiries are welcome. Contact Rich Blosser, Marketing Manager, at 636-861-3344.

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