The One-Client One-Caregiver Strategy strategy released by Private Home Care – STL (PHC) will be honoring their third anniversary.



To ensure each customer has PHC’s very own continuous caregiver & care co-ordinator, the one client one caregiver concept was announced.

They went one step even further by keeping caseloads for care-co-ordinators as small as possible so they have adequate time to become familiar with their customers.

In keeping with PHC’s mission to offer the highest degree of personalization, all of their Care-co-ordinators are available to customers, their family members, and care-givers 24/7. They control and revise every client’s everchanging treatment program, talk to care providers, and make home appointments as frequently as needed.

They approach St. Louis home health care differently. Confidential Home Care’s focus on customizing, consistency, and transparency results in a compassionate, relaxed atmosphere that allows customers to remain engaged in daily life.

PHC primarily works with the Best Performing Caregivers. They look past expertise and education, looking for individuals who have their passion and who’ll create happiness in their employment.

They are generally known as the Professionals in House Treatment around the St. Louis location. They’re a boutique house care provider that will customize every aspect of treatment to meet the unique requirements of Confidential Home Care’s clients. Every ever-changing treatment plan is going to be expertly handled by a Care-coordinator.

Confidential Home Care is known as a service provider you can rely on. Professional, confidential, & personalized PHC concentrate on creating associations, giving consistent caregiver professional services and making sure of the satisfaction of everyone their clients.

Home health care services can start now & last for so long as you need. There are no long term legal contracts.

PHC embrace, enjoy, & improve the experience of growing old for those who decide to age the natural way in the family home. Their methodology is simple. Private Home Care put exceptional, fully committed home health care providers with customers so they can continue being in their home for so long as they determine.

In addition to a primary caregiver, all their customers are allotted to a Care coordinator. Treatment Coordinators at Private Home Care are continually in the field, connecting and getting together with care-givers & clients.

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art”-Eleanor Roosevelt

A unique type of caregiver is needed to give this diverse form of care. Dr. Baldwin told us: “delivering essential daily care, Private Home Care caregivers focus on involving customers in the process of living & aging gracefully. Our trusted home healthcare givers are professionals.”

Moving on to explain further: “additionally to standard criminal background checks & some other screening strategies, we’re looking for sympathetic, well-rounded men and women having a verified track record of consistency. Their achievement is measured by the capacity to form a connection with every customer while giving a customized, complete service. They are devoted to both our mission & their clients.

Our assistance solutions are custom made to satisfy the special needs of every client. We are here to give a service that’s confidential, skilled, and personalized.”

Private Home Care – STL recognizes that it’s a serious matter to look for qualified home health care treatment for the ones you love. Through their One Client One Care-giver school of thought, they make sure very careful thought is given to their customer’s characteristics and their specific requirements.

Private Home Care – STL encourages that you reach out to a St. Louis PHC qualified professional now to discover more about their extensive services, costs, and availability to accept new customers!

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